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      Does the world really need just another book of quotations?  Perhaps not.  What the world may need is a book containing a distillation of the very best of the world's best quotations...The Book of World ~ Class Quotations.  And, if you are so inspired, this volume also provides discussion on Affirmations and Goal Setting for those who desire to convert their inspiration to positive change in their lives.

      How does this book differ from other books of quotations?  It contains only what are arguably the world's best quotations, divided into three broad categories...Inspiration for Living, Lessons from Life, and Life's Humor.  These quotations have been painstakingly collected, reviewed, culled, and assembled into a group of easily understood subject areas within the first two of the broad categories.  The Life's Humor category needs no further subdivision.  Res ipsa loquitur (it speaks for itself).

      The insights provided by many of these quotations will likely make you feel as if you have been hit between the eyes with a two-by-four.  Yet, as insightful as they are, they will also strike you as amazingly simple BGOs (Blinding Glimpses of the Obvious).  Don't be surprised if you feel a rush of adrenaline, butterflies in the stomach, or a lump in the throat whenever you read them.  And, always, they can inspire us to want to be more than we are.  With this book, you will not only be inspired, but also have a guide to convert those inspirations to your own Affirmations and for personal Goal Setting.

      Perhaps you are seeking the best quote for a speech.  You will find it here.  Perhaps you want to provide motivational encouragement to your child, grandchild, a friend, your partner...yourself.  The inclusion of these specific quotations, and the exclusion of all the rest, was subjective, as I have chosen them myself.  Yet if you clear your mind and truly study this book, you will find at least a handful, and most probably a good many more, of the very best quotations that exist on the face of this earth that will have personal meaning for any reader.  Like poetry, these quotations are best read several times and pondered to grasp their full meaning.  Some are fully understood at once.  Others take time, deep thought and personal reflection.

      The Book of World ~ Class Quotations is organized for your use into two distinct ways.  At the front, the contents page lists the three broad subject categories, subordinate subject areas, and the pages where the quotations can be found.  In the back, the index is organized alphabetically by the author of each quotation, then by the subordinate subject area and the page for each quotation.  Finding a quotation for whatever purpose you are seeking should be easy using one or both of these sources.

      My best suggestion to you is to read the entire book once straight through.  Then read it a second time.  Using a color marker, highlight your very favorites.  Reread and think about them often.  Perhaps even memorize a few of them.  Then, if you are so inclined, work through the Affirmations and Goal Setting sections.  They can change and shape your life.

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