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THE SOLUTION: Kadavy's new books simplify, fully explain, and tutor the use of covered call option writing and put option writing as perhaps two of the best opportunities to achieve double-digit investment returns in the slow growth or no growth stock market experts are predicting for the long-term future.  These are new subjects for most individual investors and are misunderstood by many others as being potentially risky, when in fact they are more conservative than just owning stocks alone.

BOOMER'S GUIDEBOOK TO DOUBLE-DIGIT INVESTMENT INCOME gives Boomers a turnkey program for investing in high dividend yield stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), coupled with covered call writing to produce consistent double-digit returns for retirement. A second strategy is delineated for put option writing to achieve similar income which can allow the investor to acquire stocks and ETFs at a discount from current market prices while being paid to wait. This guidebook, which assumes no current knowledge of option writing, offers Boomers perhaps the greatest hope yet for achieving meaningful investment returns that can enable them to fulfill their dream of retirement.

COVERED CALL WRITING DEMYSTIFIED offers investors new to covered call writing a conservative investment strategy used in conjunction with individual stock investing that can provide the opportunity for consistent double-digit investment returns.  It assists investors in protecting themselves in a declining stock market as well.  

COVERED CALL WRITING WITH EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS (ETFs) applies the covered call writing strategy specifically to the use of ETFs. It provides detailed information on how ETFs work and why they are better than mutual funds. Lists are provided of all currently existing ETFs, which ETFs have call writing capability, and it ranks those ETFs according to the several measures as to their attractiveness for covered call writing.

COVERED CALL WRITING WITH Qs AND DIAMONDS incorporates the strategy into two exceptionally suitable ETFs for covered call writing and simplicity. These ETFs are highly liquid, diversified and offer several unique advantages. This book is ideal for investors who desire to participate in a covered call writing program, yet do not have the time, knowledge or desire to do investment research.

PUT OPTION WRITING DEMYSTIFIED offers another way to help you achieve immediate income at the double-digit return level. At the same time, it presents you with the potential opportunity to buy shares in individual stocks or ETFs of your choice at a below market price from where the shares are trading now. This strategy also provides investors with some downside protection in a declining stock market.

WRITING UNCOVERED PUT AND CALL COMBINATIONS provides an option writing strategy whereby you can earn two option premiums (both puts and calls) from one margin requirement on individual stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) without owning them. For investors with experience in covered call writing, and preferably also in put option writing, who are prepared to take higher risk for even greater returns, this is the definitive book...the only book...on combination writing and a turnkey program to implement it.

SHORT SPIDER STRADDLES is a ready-to-implement program utilizing a narrow option writing approach of a particular combination knows as the straddle. This program requires no knowledge of stocks, no investment research, no big investment, and requires only about 15 minutes per month to implement. The book uses historical data to demonstrae how this strategy would have worked through past market ups and downs and how it can be applied for the future.

These books about different option writing strategies are unique because...

The entire subject matter is centered on a focused area of standardized options...writing covered calls on common stocks and ETFs you own or acquire in the future, writing put options to achieve double-digit investment returns while you wait to buy stocks or ETFs at a discount to their present market price, writing uncovered (naked) put and call combinations for potential double and triple-digit returns by receiving two option premiums with only one margin requirement to support both, and writing uncoverred (naked) straddles (strike pricese at the market price) for the Spiders ETF (SPY) using historical data to produce the potential for superior returns.

complete education on each subject is provided.

Unlike other books about options, they are easy to understand by any investor.  The books are written to capture reader interest and promote ease of comprehension.

detailed investment program is outlined for your own personal implementation to assist in achieving double-digit returns utilizing option writing with your stocks and ETFs.

Easy-to-use Microsoft Excel templates are provided to assist you in making specific investment decisions regarding which covered calls or put options (depending on which book you select) to write on stocks or ETFs..