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These books offer a turnkey, simplified opportunity for double-digit investment returns. 
Many thousands of investors have bought them over the years through this website 
and on Amazon.com. The author has retired and is now making e-Book versions 
of his books in PDF format available to you at no cost for personal investment use. 
Click on any of the following books to learn more about the investment potential 
from writing put and call options on individual stocks and exchange traded funds. 

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Covered Call Writing Demystified: Double-Digit Returns on Stocks in a Slower Growth Market for the Conservative Investor
Covered Call Writing with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs):  Double-Digit Returns, Diversification, Downside Protection
Covered Call Writing with Qs and Diamonds: Double-Digit Returns on Ready-Made Portfolios of Exchange Traded Funds
Put Option Writing Demystified: Earn Double-Digit Cash Returns While Waiting to Buy Stocks at a Discount
Writing Uncovered Put and Call Combinations: Earn Two Option Premiums from One Margin Requirement on Individual Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Without Owning Them
Short Spider Straddles ~ A Winning Combination: Consistent Double-Digit Returns, Knowledge of Stocks Not Required, Proven Back-Tested Track Record, Small Investment Requirement, 15 Minutes a Month to Implement, Turnkey Method Provided
Boomer's Guidebook to Double-Digit Investment Income: Earn Two Incomes on Your Stocks from Dividends and Option Writing, Guidelines for Stock/ETF Selection, Small Investment Requirement, Only One Hour of Time Per Month, Complete Turnkey Method Provided, Easy to Understand and Implement, Personal Financial Planning Module Included
Finding Financial Freedom:  A Step-by-Step Program for Everyone to Repair or Prevent Personal Financial Ruin by completing your own unique individual financial plan. Many personal financial planning tips are also provided.
The Book of World ~ Class Quotations: The Best of the Best Quotations on Earth, Complete with Guides for Writing Affirmations and for Goal Setting